Angie’s List is a crowd-sourced review site that allows businesses to make a first impression on customers searching for home service providers and contractors online. Responsiveness, specialty areas, hours of operation, along with the business description are displayed. Customers who have enlisted a service provider or hired a contractor display reviews of the companies.

Angie’s List gathers reviews online, through the mail, and over the phone. No anonymous reviews are submitted. The BPA Worldwide certification process is used to verify each review. The level of auditing conducted means customers for each advertiser can have absolute confidence in the reported data. Access and response to reviews are easy.

The reviews of consumers are among the most trusted sources of information. Only personal recommendations and branded websites are thought to be more reliable Angie’s List exceeds the average review site. A consumer survey showed that Angie’s List was considered more important that family and friend referrals by 82 percent of the consumers surveyed.

Using the Angie’s List mobile app, customers take photos of projects, describe the work needed, and give an availability schedule. Businesses that can complete the projects are matched to the requests. Selected businesses receive a message and contact the potential clients. An online process is available for customers who do not have access to the mobile app.

Leaving a review regarding the experience with the business, the job completion, and other information customers wish to share is encouraged. Reviews contain quality of work evaluations and the amount paid.

They offer competitive rates for any concrete surface servicing such as garages, patios, and kitchens. Customer satisfaction with the service provided by the company is verified by Angie’s List members.

The good reputation held by the company is exemplified in the company review resource provided. If your garage floor is in need of a makeover, use the resource to see what others have experienced.

Epoxy Floors Charlotte carries out commercial projects such as machine- and auto-shops, labs, and vet-clinics. The company gives deep discounts on large projects. The epoxy floor coating they install is beautifully designed to last for years.

Use Angie’s List to check out the company. The company knows choosing a contractor can be challenging. Using Angie’s List makes the process easier. You will receive the best product at the best price.

From garages to large warehouses, the Epoxy Floor Charlotte team can handle projects of any size. Epoxy floors are a great way to transform concrete surfaces.

Epoxy Floors Charlotte