We often are asked how we can add grip, or anti-slip properties into a floor coating.  Once common method is to use a full chip flake broadcast, meaning fully saturate the floor with chip flakes, and then nicely sealed in with a

We are in need of technicians for epoxy coating applications.  Painting experience a plus.  Background check required. Epoxy Coating experience is a PLUS. Skilled at applying epoxy chip flake floors. Must have attention to detail, maintain neat work area, and pride in

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It is relatively easy to clean an epoxy floor covering. The easy maintenance is the primary reason many people choose epoxy. Though epoxy is resilient to dirt and stains, the shine requires regular maintenance. Following this cleaning advice will keep an epoxy


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Many people do not want to invest in the housing market, but they have outgrown their living space. Children have been added to the family; active teenagers need a getaway area, or grandparents move in. All of these require more living space.

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